The Great Ceiling Cleanse

The second major endeavor before moving in was to tackle the ceiling. I had never seen popcorn quite like this, so thick, so very dirty. It gave me the creeps and I could not imagine sleeping underneath it, anticipating what-have-you sprinkling down over my pillow and into my lungs. Um, no way.

I spent a night or two researching if this was a project we could handle ourselves. But with the age of the house and the potential for asbestos within the popcorn, I was quick to realize this was a job for the pros.

We are lucky, our real estate agent came with a stockade of "guys". "I got a 'guy' who can remove that popcorn" she says. "Oh yeah, what's his number?" And so it was.

He showed up, he brought a couple more "guys" and they knocked it out (safely mind you), smoothed it, sanded it and made an 87 year old ceiling look relatively new.

Luckily the popcorn had never been painted which allows the ceiling to absorb water and be scraped off in nice chunks, versus dust mania. This made removal safer and less costly. NEVER paint a popcorn ceiling you don't love.

Bonus, they even primed it. It's beautiful and glaringly white, making everything else look so dingy. Of course, we have many other projects to complete before we can catch up to these ceilings. At least now I can sleep.


    I need to talk to you about the cost of this -- we've gotta do it as soon as we get our new roof in the spring... unfortunately, I think the previous owners painted over ours :(

  2. I got a guy for that...

    Loving this blog. So happy for you guys. :)

  3. Hi Jane, I'll email you everything I know. It's a messy project but so rewarding...

    Thanks Justin!