A foyer is kind of important, don't you think?

After seeing this photo at get to fixin':

I decided three things were in order for our entry way.

1. Painted ceiling
2. Wallpaper
3. Modern lighting

I love love love Heather's ability to mix modern and vintage. Um... a Louis chair, mid-century sconces, Victorian molding, ornate ceiling medallion, countered by thoroughly modern black wood floors, Cole and Son wallpaper, a bubble chandelier. I'm definitely jealous and inspired.

My entry right now is nothing, practically empty, there's a cat post in there. I'm just happy that it's clean. (Funny tidbit about our ceiling light: It was a cut glass bowl with a base that got sprayed by our ceiling guys. Being frugal I thought, give it a good cleaning and repaint the base black. So the other day I went to change the lightbulb and not only was the "cut glass" a large piece of PLASTIC, but now the switch doesn't work and the light won't turn off. So basically I have a bare bulb hanging there and if light is required you must step on a stool and screw it in. Needless to say, this brought the foyer up higher on the list of priorities)

ANYWAY, I'm excited about this because it's a small space and quite possibly, I could FINISH this room. First order is wallpaper, it WILL set the tone for the entire house, it NEEDS to encompass our personality without scaring people off. I'd like it to be conversational yet not incite people to scoff when I'm not around. No pressure.

I work in graphic design and by default, I'm into geometrics. Ferm Living's Squares is rad in a neutral Q*bert kind of way. But maybe I won't like it as much in a year?

In contrast, their Bindweed is more organic and plants never go out of style. Bonus, I wouldn't have to worry so much about 90 degree angles (which surely our walls are short on).

Pieces by Julia Rothman uses facets and organic shapes. But I wonder how silver this really is...

Aquatic by Pottok has amazing, urban style, which is appropriate. We live in Oakland for pete's sake! I would love to put Little Whales in our downstairs bathroom.

This could quite possibly be my favorite, Erin by Madison & Grow. I love blackbirds and crows, they crack me up. Plus, it's not too feminine so that satisfies my husband's metal tendencies. I'd probably go with a lighter color, but I'm into it.

Speaking of birds. We could always go with Cavern Home's Blackbird, which is rightly becoming a classic during this wallpaper revival.

So what have I learned? There are a LOT of amazing choices out there. I didn't even explore color. I'm guessing this project will take a little longer than expected. But so nice to think about something pretty for a while...


  1. Yo T.
    Love this post!
    I've been putting off our foyer for... what's it been? A year and a half now? But I have to tell you what I did about a month ago to get myself off my butt and do something about it:

    I have a fairly large gorgeous print sitting on our entryway table that I purposefully had rematted in a color that completely clashes with the wall color. NOW, we'll see how long it remains unfinished!! Ha ha. Foyers ARE important. :-)

  2. Ha! good idea Jane! I want to see this print... well, really I want to see your whole house. This has to happen next time I make it out to Chicago!