Back from hibernation

So I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning. What was it, 5:30? I laid in bed, pathetically tried to recapture some sleep, ultimately gave up. Still dark, I stumbled up and out, WOKE UP the cats to eat their shared can of chickens then poured myself a bowl of cereal. I flipped on my screen and thought, oh crap, I have a blog and haven't touched it in over 3 months!

How does one explain such a hiatus? Well, it's pretty simple, possibly even obvious. There's a baby going on over here, as in, we are pregnant! This is probably, no definitely, the most exciting thing that's ever happened to me (us). Even more so than buying a house, sorry house. I'm a ridiculous planner and having a baby has been on the agenda for quite some time. Sure, I figured we would have a kitchen... oh I don't know, maybe the basement wouldn't be a tangled mess of electricity, but sometimes it just doesn't work out like that. And here we are. Oh and this baby is a girl, she's due on Easter. And for the first three months, she kind of kicked my ass.

But today, even though I woke up crazy early, I slept great (thanks to my Snoogle and thanks to sweet Kate for providing me such Snoogle). And I feel great! And I'm a woman on a mission! We have big plans for big projects, and that includes updating this here blog. We haven't completely abandoned our home these last few months, er, at least Mike hasn't, I've been a real bump-on-a-log. He made good progress which I will document shortly. On the horizon:

Cabinets and counters have been ordered. Electrician is contracted and booked. Meeting with drywallers next week. Lighting and appliances to be purchased and flooring chosen.

basement studio
Again, electrician on board, drywaller on deck. Then paint the floors, give it a good scrub and Mike moves his whole art operation down there.

baby's room!
Need to clear out the "library," start thinking about furniture and decor. This is most exciting!

The list goes on and on... but this is a good start, no? During all these "big picture" renos, we also have one million + two littles. Such as today, I plan to finally paint the living room. No worries, no-VOCs over here!

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