Drywall, sheetrock, tom-A-to, tom-AH-to. I'm from the Midwest so I'm going with drywall, and it was a nightmare. On TV, it always looks so simple, casually mentioned post commercial break. And our drywaller, he promised to do the entire kitchen and basement in 4 days. I gave him a skeptical look but he nodded his head and yes, yes, 4 days. Fast forward three weeks later, and the walls were finally complete.

I'd like to spare you the details but they are truly breathtaking. Let's sum it up like this: show up late, don't show up at all, don't call, sneak out the back door at the end of each day, no progress checks, on days you show up you are greeted by overstressed pregnant lady who walks through all your mistakes, you give her excuses, lots of them, you tell her she's nesting, she hands reigns to husband, your definition of a skim coat equals my version of frosting a cake, there is lots of dust and you are messy, I'm the one who put plastic on my doorways, your truck breaks down, we don't see you, you send a text message with photo of your tire, no note, this is odd yet becomes the norm, and seems to go on forever.

BUT, in the end, those are some nice looking walls and ceiling. We are happy and you apologize. I hand you a check and we call it a day. I don't hate my drywaller. I think he promises more than he can deliver and I imagine most of his projects go this way. I would not want his life.

And now... our kitchen. With walls! And what's that? A ceiling!

 {Future location of stove and microwave, original swinging door to dining room.}
 {Still rocking the awesome security system. Yes, that is a dowel rod. Handmade curtains 
and a beautiful pendant light will soon serve as genius distraction.}
 {Looking towards the addition, knock-off tulip table to go under that window.}
 {Future pantries (two!) surrounding a fridge, with ice and water in the door. The luxury!}

Note the floors by the way. Trusty Steve laid a subfloor for us that I will go into great detail about next. And the basement is it's own entity also to be revealed later. I'd like to point out Mike had to do the final sand in this kitchen. We could not wait for said drywaller, with a deadline for painting and other things. Time to MOVE ON I say.

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