I'm supposed to be working right now. And oh, won't my client be angry to see me blogging instead! But the heart wants what it wants, or rather, my lack of creative focus has stifled me and I need a side project so I can reboot. Does that make sense to anyone other than me?

And so, in attempt to thoroughly clear my head and ultimately get back to work, Thora and I made a quick detour to the Home Depot garden section.

I tell you, if you need a healthy distraction, hang out with my child. She is chock full of ideas for things to do and ways to see the world in different ways. She can turn a jaunt through HD into a trip to Wonderland. She loves the ceilings, the huge aisles, the labels on a can of wood stain, hinges, the water fountain set up near the house plants, and succulents in teeny tiny teeny pots.

We bought three. Plus two more.

I chose this grouping of three to put in a trio of vases from days gone by.

It sits behind my desk, sending me get-to-work creativity vibes.

The other two are identical and I placed each in its own Ikea Asker container-turned-planter. These planters have been sitting empty for a while. Well, since a failed attempt at keeping maidenhair ferns in Thora's room. WHY can't I keep a maidenhair fern alive?! I swear.

I don't know where in the house I want to put these lovelies yet, but they do make me happy. And that amazing redness in the background? What is that? That, is a fantastic and terribly rundown hutch we found abandoned in our basement when we moved in. It's been living in the garage but I recently convinced Mike that I can bring it back to life and make it appropriate for our kitchen.

Gotta love a project. Work or otherwise.

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