Screen Door Chickens

It's Spring. We've been spending every non-work moment happily outside. I'm dying to post about our backyard progress, but must wait to finish a couple key elements before any big reveal.

However, I had to share this daily occurrence. As you can see, I'm not the only soul filled with enthusiasm about The Great Outdoors. Orange and Roosevelt, who are quite literally house cats, have the bug in a big way. This is them, being as patient as their small bodies will allow, every. single. day. The rule is no cats outside without flea control, which I have yet to purchase. Plus I want to make sure the yard is completely blocked in. I have a no-roaming-the-neighborhood-getting-into-fights-or-killing-birds policy around here. I know, no fun! Sorry chickadees.

I thank my lucky stars that it has never occurred to these guys to pick at my screen door.

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