Ikea score!

I've been eyeballing Ikea's Ammero patio set for weeks. It was just a bit pricey, too pricey? Should I be spending that kind of cash when I don't even have a kitchen?

{Loving the clean lines, the stark black and white, sigh...}

So in an attempt at being frugal, I started hunting craigslist. This being the Bay Area, the good stuff goes fast and I wasn't finding much by way of modern and cool. I spent a couple days considering a redwood picnic table. It really was a good deal and the ad promised near mint condition. I tried to convince myself this was "classic" and once it got a bit worn, I could paint it a funky color or something. Yawn.

Then yesterday Mike and I were in line at the Tool Library and in unison we decided to just go for it. Let's plunk down the cash for what we really like. It's out first yard! We headed to Ikea and went straight for the outdoor goods. To my horrible dismay, Ammero was SOLD OUT. Incredible! Tragic! We were here just one week ago and they must have had 20 sets (like I said, this being the Bay Area).

Feeling defeated I made the obligatory trip to the As-Is section. I round the corner and what do I spy, 3 Ammero chairs (heart starts to race) and just beyond, the dining table! All at half off. Did you hear me? Half off. We immediately staked our claim, which was a good thing. Literally as we were walking to the checkout someone offered to buy the chairs off us. Sorry Charlie!

The only hitch was 3 chairs, not 4. But an Ikea helper told me there were 9 at the shop in Palo Alto. So guess who hopped in her car and made the trip on a Friday afternoon? That'd be me. And just in the nick of time too, I got the last one.

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