And then life happens, and everything changes.

What was huge, is suddenly small, replaced by something even more gigantic. You forget to shower, you forget you had a blog.

It's altogether refreshing, exhausting, thrilling, frightening, paralyzing, amazing.

Our thing? It wasn't the house. Her name is Thora. She is a sprite and she has taken over. 

Not that we don't still have a house. Not that it isn't still bursting with projects. We do! It is! Some major checklist items got done right-quick in order to have a safe and functioning home for Thora - mainly the kitchen. I'm looking forward to updating this little blog with where we are now. Of course, there is still so much more to do, but we are on a different timeline. Projects are done in bits and pieces. (One Christmas I painted just a corner of baseboard in order to put a tree in front of it.) As everything, Thora is the driver. So is her nap schedule.

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