This is not a problem I ever thought I'd have. See this garbage can here, the one on top of a stool? I've had that can since forever, even remember buying it off that big wall at Bed Bath and Beyond. Please understand, we are not kitchen-garbage-under-the-sink type people. We are get-the-biggest-can-they-sell-take-trash-out-once-a-week type people.

That's until we had a toddler in the house. One who likes to put her toys in there. Sigh... alphabet magnets, crayons, even her beloved matching squares from Petit Collage! We've had two matching zebra casualties. None more sad than myself.

It's time for a new solution, one of the smaller-can-inside-a-cabinet variety. Oh children, they bring such sacrifice! To the left of the fridge I have a 24" pantry, where we currently hide recycling, and I imagine it will go there. I still need to find the perfect can and I hate everything I see. So until a solution manifests itself, this workhorse shall remain perched on the stool, out of reach of grabby hands.

BTW, this photo causes me anxiety for the following reasons:

1. there is still no trim around the doors or floors in our kitchen
2. all doors in the hallway have yet to be painted
3. all doors in the hallway desperately need new knobs
4. poor placement of the knobs on our pantry has given our over-priced refrigerator dimples
5. oh yeah, forgot to add quarter round to the toekick


  1. Tonya, I've been trying to think up an excuse to get this can... and it looks like it may fit perfectly in your pantry! http://tinyurl.com/ac6xbc8

  2. Very nice, thanks Jane! Mike's been oggling that one too. Hmm... but maybe I could fit two of the sliders in that pantry, the regular trash and the recycler. That'd be fancy! Or would it be stinky? Maybe lids are better...

  3. At least the floors look awesome!

    Are Thora's feet strong enough to pop open the Simple Human trash cans?

    I can see you guys at The Container Store.

    "OK Thora, now step on this one...nope! How about this one?"

  4. My son at about 2 years figured out how to open ours luckily there weren't many casualties. I chose this one because it fit in our space and used the standard 13 gallon bag. http://www.simplehuman.com/30-litre-butterfly-step-can-fingerprint-proof-brushed-stainless-steel

    1. Thanks Brian! Looks like Simplehuman is definitely the way to go.