Perhaps this is more of a New Year's resolution type of post. Whatever, life is now.

Awhile back a friend of mine posted a pic illustrating a simple concept to save money. I was intrigued. We are planning to fly home (Chicago) for the holidays this year and well, travel comes at a premium. Being freelancers, our income is sporadic and it's hard to come up with big dollars on a whim. In other words, it is best to plan. If I am to follow this chart we will have just enough for airfare and a rental car come December and it won't be a huge stress at a time we are supposed to be enjoying family.

Of course, I had to redesign it to look appropriate hanging by my desk. Archer is a go-to font in a rush and about 10 minutes later I had this:

It's hung on the bulletin board that leans behind my monitor. The little satchel I bought many moons ago (back when I purchased frivolity because I had 1. spending money and 2. time to go to craft fairs). As you can see, so far I'm on track! It's been a breeze to plop my single digit dollars into the pouch every Monday. We'll see how it goes in September and onward, but I'm earnest about making it work.

If anyone would like to try this at home because, do, try this at home, I've included a downloadable PDF of my version of this chart here. I'm sorry I have no source to credit this idea to. It's genius in its simplicity, no?

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