What is this, two posts in one day? I couldn't help myself because Spring has sprung! Look what done popped up on our new Trident Maple out front of the house? All that recommended watering (five gallons a week) has paid off. And along with a blue sky like this, I can't help but be in a good mood.

These little leaves, with their three points and red to green hues are just the thing our street needs. And we're not the only ones, baby trees are blossoming up and down the block. Go Oakland!

As you can see, we doctored up the planting strip with some compost and mulch. I plan to eventually fill this with ornamental grasses or something else modern and walkable. But that's down the road. And oh my, is that our front lawn all overgrown in the background? Embarrassing! Apparently, I need to sneak in a weed-wacking session sometime soon... and wouldn't it be swell if the city came and straightened that No Parking sign? A girl can dream...

Happy Holiday Weekend!

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